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Hello from Lion Land

Yet another mastodon server.

Exists for the entertainment of Lions and friends. And other furries too, I guess, by extension.

Who can join?

This server is open to users who:

  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are card carrying members of The Furry Fandom or friends thereof
  • Consider themselves to be Lions
    • (or are friends of lions)
    • (or acknowledge lions are the best)
    • (or are total nerds)
    • (or at least agree that lions are always right)
  • Are not trolls
  • Are not bots, or operators of bots, spammers, scammers, or horrible persons

Code of conduct

No trolling, hate speech, harassment, transphobia, homophobia, cubphobiaor any other assholery.

More specific rules will be introduced as the need arises. If you make us add a new rule because of your behavior, you'll be banned from any services offered by lion.land.

NSFW content

All NSFW content must be appropriately tagged and hidden from public posts.

Prohibited content

Posting any prohitibited content to lion.land will result in immediate total exile from lion.land.

  • Illegal content, as defined by US law
  • Spam, paid marketing, non-furry advertising
  • Malware, viruses, scams, phishing
  • Sexual or erotic depictions of minors


Your account may be suspended, terminated, or moderated without prior notice or liability, for any reason or breach of terms or civility. Upon termination, your right to use the service is immediately revoked, and further attempt to continue using this service would constitute unauthorized access of a computer system.

Silenced or Suspended servers

Federated mastodon instances may be silenced or suspended from interacting with lion.land. This may happen if the server allows bot spam, ad spam, harassment, or illegal content. We don't need that garbage here.

Mastodon Server Covenant

This server adheres to the Mastodon Server Covenant in sprit and in practice.
  1. Active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia
    Users must have the confidence that they are joining a safe space, free from white supremacy, anti-semitism and transphobia of other platforms.
  2. Daily Backups
    It is important for users to have the confidence that a trip over the power cable or a rogue bit flip will not erase all of their data. Having a backup strategy is a basic necessity of providing a public service.
  3. At least one other person with emergency access to the server infrastructure Various circumstances can prevent the original owner of the Mastodon server from answering technical emergencies. For this reason, more than one person must have that capability.
  4. Commitment to give users at least 3 months of advance warning in case of shutting down Sometimes services shut down, it is the cycle of life. But users must have the confidence that their account will not disappear overnight, so that they have time to export their data and find another server.
Read more about the Mastodon Server Covenant here and here.