I get paid by my primary contracting customer via quickbooks bill pay services. These payments take several days to hit my bank. Now I know why there is a delay.

Quickbooks has a payday loan service. They have started pushing their payday loans in payment notification emails.

"Hey, for some mysterious reason, it takes MANY days for this payment to get to you... why not engage with our payday loan services until it finally arrives?"

Intuit is scum. Why do so many people do business with them?

Roaming out to other instances to randomly follow a few new users. If you found me that way, hello there. I'm still new to mastodon and haven't really settled into finding it social yet.

Here's wishing you a stellar day!

New Yorker perfectly captures the "lion eating a salad" face

My first several PCs had locks on them. This was a thing. The entire industry shared the same key, I think? I still have a key set for the standard PC lock in case I need it. Because you never know.

By gluing this battery in, apple succeeded in forcing me to consider if I want to buy an M1 MBP instead of spending an entire afternoon carefully prying out the old battery with solvent. Thanks apple. You're the champion of preventing e-waste.

So tempted to break the seal and listen. But they only printed 1,000 of these.

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