Roaming out to other instances to randomly follow a few new users. If you found me that way, hello there. I'm still new to mastodon and haven't really settled into finding it social yet.

Here's wishing you a stellar day!

New Yorker perfectly captures the "lion eating a salad" face

My first several PCs had locks on them. This was a thing. The entire industry shared the same key, I think? I still have a key set for the standard PC lock in case I need it. Because you never know.

By gluing this battery in, apple succeeded in forcing me to consider if I want to buy an M1 MBP instead of spending an entire afternoon carefully prying out the old battery with solvent. Thanks apple. You're the champion of preventing e-waste.

So tempted to break the seal and listen. But they only printed 1,000 of these.

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