Mast server for will be shuffling around to a subdomain soon. Maybe Trying to find a least effort solution for mast and matrix to coexist on the same homelab docker server. And have a better handle on security, logging and upgrades. This will probably break current federations? I donno. If it does, so long and thanks for all the fish.

I get paid by my primary contracting customer via quickbooks bill pay services. These payments take several days to hit my bank. Now I know why there is a delay.

Quickbooks has a payday loan service. They have started pushing their payday loans in payment notification emails.

"Hey, for some mysterious reason, it takes MANY days for this payment to get to you... why not engage with our payday loan services until it finally arrives?"

Intuit is scum. Why do so many people do business with them?

How to show your age:

"Yeah, I played Myst when it first came out on PC. My coworker at Memorex Telex loaned it to me."


Hello lockdown my old friend. As I place my household back into no-outside-contact mode. My privilege is showing.

Am very glad to be here. As opposed to back over there. Heard from a friend in prison about his day. Somebody stabbed over a small debt, and reciprocal retribution. He pretends it's no big deal.

Things could be worse than stuck inside a house with grocery delivery, gigabit internet and a few guitars. This is downright cozy. Who needs other people anyway.

Solved for now...

Guess it was a bad idea to put an extra nginx proxy container in front of the app to tweak nginx config. A bit irritated that I don't understand why that broke only some http requests and not others. They all seemed to make their way through to mastodon.

I have a timeline again at least

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I have zero knowledge on how mastodon works, so making observations loaded with assumptions here.

This server is responding to what appears to be federated timeline updates with 401 errors. These are POST requests to /inbox

The application server sees these requests, routes them to a controller, then responds with 401.

Only change from old server to new is moving to traefik from nginx-proxy...

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Sorting out post-migration mastodon server issues. :/

Roaming out to other instances to randomly follow a few new users. If you found me that way, hello there. I'm still new to mastodon and haven't really settled into finding it social yet.

Here's wishing you a stellar day!

Ran into a snag migrationg the server. Everything appears to work as expected, but feed updates aren't coming in. `tootctl accounts refresh --all` spend 15m appearing to pull data from the internet, but to no avail.

Ima ghost!

New Yorker perfectly captures the "lion eating a salad" face

After seeing these postcards, had to buy a copy of "The Lost Restaurants of Tulsa" for mom.

Casa Bonita was too big, and not always busy. Instead of closing sections, you could still sit wherever you wanted. Each table had a flagpole. When you needed service, you ran the flag up the flagpole so the wait staff could cover a larger area efficiently.

I remember a carousel in the middle of the arcade, but memory's fuzzy. Maybe that was somewhere else...

It's not hard to guess which deep pocketed corporations would have motive to pull off PR attacks against RMS. Just visit and spend some time reading the "What's bad about" sections.

To anybody who has experienced such attacks themselves, the components are universally obvious. Scary frightening accusations of high drama. Laughably scant or misleading evidence to support the accusations.

Who wants to bet the first agenda of an RMS replacement at the FSF is redrafting a weaker GPL?

My first several PCs had locks on them. This was a thing. The entire industry shared the same key, I think? I still have a key set for the standard PC lock in case I need it. Because you never know.

Grabbed ticket to see Dinosaur Jr in November. Pandemic will evaporate by then right?

TIL and are special IANA-managed reserved domain names.

I guess that makes them slightly safer to use as test-account placeholder data

Insomnia and daylight savings time bugs. Good combination.

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